April 23, 2013

Extang 7540 Classic Platinum Black Tonneau Cover

Extang Classic Platinum Tonneau Cover feature a heavy-duty tonneau with reinforced edges and corners, anodized rails with metal corners, stainless steel and brass snaps.
Extang 7540 Classic Platinum Black Tonneau Cover The covers combine premium metal components with an exclusive, 4-way adjustable, all-climate tonneau design that allows you to adjust the location of the snaps for a looser or tighter fit. Corners do not buckle up due to parachute grade nylon corner reinforcements. Snaps and corners are backed with thick polymer forcing the corners and edges to lie smooth and look good in any weather. Extang’s Monster Bows quickly spring on and off with no tools. It is fast and easily done with one hand. The TuffKlamps allow two bow heights: High for maximum water shedding in harsh weather, and for improved gas mileage. Low for sporty good looks and cold weather tonneau attachment. All tarps have a 10 year limited warranty, and tonneau frames have a lifetime warranty.